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Virtue Bible Institute

Biblical Learning

Virtue Bible Institute, Inc., uses sound Christian doctrine to explore the Bible, and instruct in church leadership. We are interdenominational in doctrine. VBI is a full Gospel school, teaching from a Biblical charismatic position based upon the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Christian Theology

Learn various aspects of theology as informed by scripture.

Ministry and Bible

Relevant ministry and sound exegesis.

Biblical Languages

Read and understand scripture in its original language.

Welcome to Virtue Bible Institute, Inc.

Learning is life-long. Every Christian wants to know more about God and the Holy Bible. Life gets busy and most schools are just expensive. Sunday School can be a good experience, but 30 minutes is not enough time to delve deeply into the Word for the average class. Virtue Bible Institute is here for you. At VBI, we are interested in real learning, and not expensive classes with testing. Our seminars are only 6 weeks and cover the subjects with college level acuity.

Virtue Bible Institute, Inc., holds classes in local Christian Churches. Since our motivation is learning, rather than maintaining a campus, we cost less by utilizing the existing church structures. VBI has a charismatic Full- Gospel orientation, and are not affiliated with any church or denomination. A variety of people take our classes. Feel free to call Dr. Daniel Geer, DMin, and see if VBI is a good fit for you or your church.

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