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course 1

Seminar: Revelation

Free Seminar: Revelation is available free of charge for anyone who would like to check out a VBI class. The class was recorded live 2 years ago. While the Old Testament contains several prophetic books, the New Testament has one. This course reviews various approaches to understanding Revelation.

course 2

Fall 2024 Session

Seats are available now for the Genesis Seminar beginning on September 12, 2024. Genesis is the first book of the Bible, containing many stories of history, leading up to the arrival of the Hebrews in Egypt. This seminar will have two parts.

Greek Bible

Special Course: Biblical Greek

Biblical Greek I is offered in a 12 week course. Koine Greek, a dialect of ancient Greek, is the language of the New Testament. Biblical Greek I will cover many aspects of the structure and vocabulary of this important ancient language.

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