This study examines Christian church history from the Protestant Reformation through the present day.

Seminar: The Book of Revelation

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Unlike the Old Testament, Revelation is the lone book of prophecy of the New Testament. Through the centuries, every aspect of this book has been challenged, including when it was written, who wrote it, and what is its meaning today. This course will survey the book of Revelation and examine 4 different views of its meaning and application. Seminars normally cost $50, but this is a course recorded 2 years ago and is offered free of charge. Student taking this class will:

  • Understand who wrote the text
  • Identify the intended audience
  • Identify the sections of the witness
  • Recognize what is and is not in Revelation

Texts used in class (for information, not required)

The following texts were consulted in preparing the course. While not required, they are excellent additions to any library if a student opts to get them.

  • Pate, C. Marvin, et. al. Four Views on the Book of Revelation. Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 1998.
  • Thomas, John Christopher and Macchia, Frank D. The Two Horizons New Testament Commentary: Revelation. Grand Rapids, Michigan: William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, 2016.
  • Aune, David E. Word Biblical Commentary vol 52a, Revelation 1-5. Dallas, TX: Word Books, 1997.
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