A study of two significant Old Testament books, Ruth and Esther, and an examination of the role of women in the Christian Church.

Seminar: Ruth/ Esther

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Ruth/ Esther examines two books in the Old Testament and makes note of two exceptional women whose leadership at different times brought the nation of Israel into its future glory. Seminars cost $50. After this seminar, the student should be able to:

  • Identify the author of both Ruth and Esther
  • Identify the context in which the books were written
  • Understand the cultural impact to women in the two stories
  • Consider the leadership exhibited by Ruth and Esther

Women in Leadership

Using the information provided, the seminar will address implications for women in leadership in the modern church.

  • What are women allowed to do according to scripture?
  • Does the current church arrive at a scriptural conclusion?
  • Are men and women the same?
  • Do men and women lead the same?

Texts used in class (for information, not required)

The following texts were consulted in preparing the course. While not required, they are excellent additions to any library if a student opts to get them.

  • Bush, Freric. Word Biblical Commentary: Ruth/ Esther, volume 9. USA: Thomas Nelson, Inc., 1996.
  • Beck, James r. and Gundry, Stanley N. Two Views on Women in Minstry. Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 2005.
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